Logotipo Lecar


Publications: Cleaning interactions at the only atoll in the
South Atlantic

In this paper, we analyzed the cleaning interactions performed
by fishes and shrimps at the only atoll in the South Atlantic
Ocean, Rocas atoll.


Publications: Anchoring damages to benthic organisms in a
subtropical scuba dive hotspot

A new paper from LECAR team, published online this week in
the Journal of Coastal Conservation, assessed the damages
caused to benthic organisms by recreational diving boats
anchoring activity in Arraial do Cabo Marine Extractive Reserve.



Publications: Reef fish associations with sea urchins in an
Atlantic oceanic island

A paper published in Marine Biodiversity journal investigated
the fishes associated with the long-spined sea urchin
Diadema antillarum inTrindade Island, an oceanic island in
southwestern Atlantic.