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I am a undergaduate student at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), my main study
focuses on understanding how interspecific interactions occur in tropical reefs, and how
these relationships are shaped in the brazillian oceanic islands and coastal region. In
addition, i also study how recreational fishing can interfere in the dynamics of fish
populations. For this reserach i uses social networks as her ally, with the final goal to help
management plans and fisheries management in her country! Also, I am responsible for
disseminating and supporting the database of PELD-ILOC, a long-term ecological research
project that takes place at the Atol das Rocas, Trindade Island, Saint Peter and Saint Paul
Archipelago and Fernando de Noronha Archipelago.

Moreover, I have a deep interest in scientific dissemination and environmental education
activities, I believes that we must all be connected with the immensity and beauty of the

Giglio VJ, Suhett AC, Zapelini C, Ramiro AS, Quimbayo JP. 2020. Assessing captures of
recreational spearfishing in Abrolhos reefs, Brazil, through social media. Regional Studies
in Marine Science 34: 100995.

E-mail: anaclarasuhett@gmail.com | lattes curriculum